The pelletizing of materials is becoming an increasingly popular requirement for many companies in the chemical and mineral sector.The pelletizing process takes powdered materials and produces granules/pellets using a suitable binder.This results in a dust free product that is easily handled and eliminates health and safety issues in your process.

Our primary Disc Pelletizer under renovation during Febuary 2014. We've added a mechanical tilting operation to the machine, enabling us to angle the pan to extremes. This in turn, allows us to increase the size range of pellets we produce  from <1mm to 30mm plus.

We operate several disc pelletizers and also the much sought-after Eirich incline pan mixer. Depending on the material, we can produce anything from crumb size granules to golf ball size pellets. We have a broad knowledge of minerals and chemicals, and we can also advise suitable binders for your material.

Your materials can be premixed with binders using our morton plough-shear mixer or our stainless steel ribbon blender.The pellets can either be air cured, heat cured or CALCINED in our rotary furnace.

Materials recently pelletized include :

  • Clays
  • Powdered glass
  • Iron oxides
  • Filtercakes                                                                        
  • Bauxite
  • Calcium carbonates


The commercialisation of a pelletized product can be a very costly enterprise, so it is vital to ascertain the viability of the process at an early stage. SPP have gained a wealth of understanding within the industry and offer pelletizing and drying studies at very competitive rates. 
Customers are welcome to attend our facility throughout the trials and can see the pellets being produced, dried and eventually graded to an in-spec size range. Recommendations on moisture content, binder additions and drying temperatures will also be made. 

We also offer laboratory scale trials using a bench-top disc pelletizer. It is essential that as much information as possible is extracted from any trial so as standard practice we record particle size, pellet strengths and moisture contents at all stages of the process.

We offer a free evaluation service for your materials and will discuss the possible options for pelletizing and binding if necessary.